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Patricia Salvitti D.C. :: Reviews

Find out what new patient our saying about Patricia Salvitti D.C….

Exciting to be part of a practice that is light years ahead in treating problems with tools that address what is really going on. I can’t wait for my next appointment, think I’ll call today.

Kem M. (March 27/14)

Excellent experience all around

Peter L (Dec 30/13)

Pat was so helpful getting by back in line so I could get back to work. I must find time in my agenda to visit her on a regular basis. I have restored hope through her.

Thanks, Bill K (Oct 11/13)

Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much! I can move my left foot freely. Light pain if I move my foot sharply, can’t wear heels.
I stopped taking my HBP &Cholesterol meds. Been doing nose red light treatment, I notice I have more energy. I will be having blood test next. Will let you know results.

Ginger K-T (Maui-Hawaii – Oct 10/13)